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 Multi Musician Arunsu Medina                                                                                    Instruments : Percussion, Brasswind, Keyboardist CEO Producer Recordlabel AFMM Official Creative Music Production Songwriter - Singer Dutch, English, Español Mixing & Mastering Beats & Tracks Film & Commercials 

Build to create

He obtained his music theory diplomas. After years of practice & shows he started to write songs & sing again. Working and collaborating with rappers & singers, musicians & beatmakers. Building his original Beats & Tracks starting "Arunsu Francisco" in 2010 became AFMM Official Arunsu Francisco Medina Musica where Arunsu Medina's unique authentic sounds becomes alive.

How it all began

Creative Music Producer AFMM began singing in his diapers because his father Spanish - Espanol - Canario singer/songwriter gave him a mic in his hand. After years singing in a choir at church he wanted to learn to play more instruments so started on the bongos percussion and keyboard lessons. A couple of years later he got a gift from his stepfather a drumkit. He learned playing and wanted more so his mother gave him and his brother a trumpet, trombone, tuba lessons at his hometown show & marching-band.

Arunsu Francisco

Dead & Gone

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